STEMCELL LAB CORP is a client-based cell therapy services company that supports the development of cellular therapies by providing cGMP-compliant cell manufacturing and consulting services that address regulatory, financial, technical, process, and quality systems strategies. SCLC's cG(x)P USA and international network enables it to provide a full spectrum of support including preclinical development, clinical research, collection, processing, tissue storage, diagnostics/biologic product testing, manufacturing, distribution and transportation.


STEMCELL LAB CORP services are applicable throughout the entire field of cell therapy. The cell therapy market is experiencing rapid growth, and according to industry reports, the value of the 2005's international cell therapy market was estimated to be $26.6 billion. It has been projected that the market will reach $56.2 billion in 2010 and $96.3 billion in 2015*.

Our Corporate Values

Our values are rooted in the knowledge that the products we manufacture and the services we provide affect the quality of patients' lives. Since everything we do, no matter how small, impacts the end product, we demand the highest ethical and quality standards, both from ourselves and others. These values drive us to achieve excellence and build quality in absolutely everything we do.
Focus and Commitment
From bench to market: advancing clients in the field of cellular therapy
Unparalleled Expertise
Management team with extensive experience in cell-based therapeutics
State-of-the-art cG(x)P Facilities
Fully licensed and outsourcing contract manufacturing facilities located in the USA, Europe and Asia.
Regulatory Leadership
Experience working with US and international regulatory authorities
National Coverage
Air and ground transportation networks that provide 24/7 processing and delivery options
Extensive Industry Network
SCLC's clients represent the industry's leaders in cell-based product development, research and patient care.


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